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I’m afraid I have to correct and supplement my own catalogue in several ways. A very good NZ discography page ( has considerably enlarged my knowlegde of Tim Finn’s collaborations in the past and present. Here are the additional details I have found concerning Tim’s activity in writing / co-writing songs:



Renée Geyer – Every Day Of The Week (Tim Finn)




Andy White* – If You Don’t Know By Now (Andy White/Tim Finn)

Andy White* – Jacqui (Andy White/Tim Finn)

Andy White* – Because She Loves It (Andy White/Tim Finn)

Andy White* – Whole Thing (Andy White/Geoffrey Oryema/Karl Wallinger/Peter Gabriel/Tim Finn)



Mark Hart – Something To Take My Mind Off Of You (Mark Hart/Tim Finn)



Katie Noonan & The Captains – Never Know Your Luck (Katie Noonan/Tim Finn)

Katie Noonan & The Captains** – Gladness (Katie Noonan/Tim Finn)


     * From the album „Teenage”. The song „If You Don’t Know By Now” came to be called later „The Last Day Of Summer” (of which live acoustic performances are known).

     „Whole Thing” was somewhat reshaped as „Whole Thing #2” on Andy White’s album „Compilation” in 1998 (here credited as Andy White/Tim Finn), and has more recently found its way into Peter Gabriel’s „Big Blue Ball” project.

     By way of remark, it may be mentioned that the ALT song „Many’s The Time” was also recorded by Andy White in 1994 on his album „Destination Beautiful”.


     ** Only available as iTunes mp3 bonus.

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