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Written (or co-written) by Tim for others

Hi all,


Here I wish to list all those song titles that were written (or co-written) by Tim either specifically for others or that came to be performed by others. Cover versions such as can be found on He / She / They Will Have Their Ways are not included. Any more suggestions or additions are warmly welcome.



Jimmy And The Boys – They Won’t Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me (Tim Finn)

Sharon O’Neill / Jenny Morris – Puberty Blues (Tim Finn)



Jenny Morris – Beating On The Same Drum (Tim Finn)



Jane Maddick – Am I Big Enough (Tim Finn)



Gary Dyson* – A Million Reasons Why (Phil Manzanera/Gary Dyson/Tim Finn)

Gary Dyson* – The Great Leveller (Phil Manzanera/Tim Finn)

Gary Dyson* – Venceremos (Phil Manzanera/Tim Finn)

Ana Maria Velez* – Astrud (Tim Finn)



Daryl Braithwaite – Blue Hills (Tim Finn)

Wendy Matthews – Standback (Tim Finn/Wendy Matthews)

Wendy Matthews – Happy (Tim Finn/Wendy Matthews)



Andy White – Because She Loves It (Tim Finn/Andy White)

Vika & Linda – Honey Bee (Vika Bull/Linda Bull/Michael Barker/Tim Finn/Paul Kelly)

Vika & Linda – Princess Tabu (Vika Bull/Linda Bull/Michael Barker/Tim Finn)



Andy White – Last Day Of Summer (Andy White/Tim Finn)



Annie Crummer** – Edible Flowers (Neil Finn/Tim Finn/Nigel Griggs/Eddie Rayner/Noel Crombie)


     * As part of Phil Manzanera’s album „Southern Cross”.

     ** As part of Eddie Rayner’s album „Play It Straight”.

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