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Reply to "Woodface Deluxe Reissue discussion"

stuartjb posted:
lavar78 posted:

Here's my preferred sequence. There's just one minor tweak. I followed the Together Alone example at the beginning; the first three songs get progressively better with the third being the album's best track. The quiet intro to "Four Seasons" allows the album to reset coming off the high of the "Whispers" outro. The three novelty songs work well together to start the second side IMO. TGG is flexible enough to open side 2 or pick up from SGO and I think "Italian Plastic" is an excellent lead in to "Chocolate Cake." Then ASAIA starts the cool-down phase. The last three songs fit well together and "Fame Is" is a perfect flash (of forked lightning?) before the excellent closer HWYG.

  1. It's Only Natural
  2. Fall at Your Feet
  3. Whispers and Moans
  4. Four Seasons in One Day
  5. Tall Trees
  6. Weather With You
  7. She Goes On
  8. There Goes God
  9. Italian Plastic
  10. Chocolate Cake
  11. As Sure As I Am
  12. All I Ask
  13. Fame Is
  14. How Will You Go

far superior running order . Superb.

Thanks, Stu!

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