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Reply to "Woodface Deluxe Reissue discussion"

slowpogo posted:
Aotearoa posted:
Axver posted:

"Fame Is" and "Tall Trees" are two of the best tracks on Woodface and grossly underrated.

But then I'd drop "It's Only Natural", "All I Ask", "Italian Plastic", and maaaybe "As Sure As I Am" so probably don't take me too seriously.

I totally agree Fame is and Tall Trees are my favourite tracks on Woodface too and i too would drop those 3 also.I felt let down by I'm still here-bit of a mess that one.

Sorry but you do realize I'm Still Here was just the guys screwing around and having a loose jam in the studio, right? Seems weird to complain that it's a "mess" when that was supposed to be the fun of it...

Maybe i was a tad harsh in saying it was a mess,its just i heard the live version of I'm still here and it was more constructed.


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