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Dorthonion posted:
Hawk57 posted:

I think you've nailed the issue with Woodface there (it's not a couple of songs too long, whatever Neil says!) It's like someone thought that putting just about all the slower, ballad-type songs at the end of the album was a good idea. They're all great songs, but without uptempo songs to separate them they make the album drag out a bit.

I agree. That's why I dare you to try out this running order the next time you slip in the Woodface CD:


This is from "The Art of the Sequence" thread, listing harmonically compatible songs next to each other. As I had noted back then, even "Chocky Cake" does not sound out of place now.

I agree wholeheartedly that "It's Only Natural" would be a great opener, I love moving "Whispers and Moans" closer to the front (but it would be great anywhere), and I can dig "Chocolate Cake" as the side 1 closer. My problem with this sequence is that it makes the end of side 2 even slower by shoehorning "All I Ask" after "Italian Plastic." I also have a hard time breaking up "Tall Trees" and "Weather With You." Those songs together make each other better.

I just put together my own attempt. I'll listen today and see if it needs tweaking.

  1. It's Only Natural
  2. Four Seasons in One Day
  3. Fall at Your Feet
  4. Whispers and Moans
  5. Tall Trees
  6. Weather With You
  7. She Goes On
  8. There Goes God
  9. Italian Plastic
  10. Chocolate Cake
  11. As Sure As I Am
  12. Fame Is
  13. All I Ask
  14. How Will You Go

I originally had "All I Ask" as side 1's closer, but I think "She Goes On" works better there. It'd be tough to lose the 1-2 punch that ends the original album, though. Either way, I definitely think "Fame Is" is the jolt of energy that needs to be moved further back in the play order.

Edit: Glancing at it again, I may flip "Fame Is" and "All I Ask."

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