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Reply to "Woodface Deluxe Reissue discussion"

Paul H posted:

I can see (or, rather, hear) why Fields are Full of Your Kind was nixed. It's like a hybrid of a handful of other CH songs:

the line "and there is sadness in your stare" is very similar to "they were a lifetime together" from She Goes On,

the title line sounds remarkably similar to the line "feather your nest" from Left Hand,

the guitar figure played under and after the line "I will remember" (at 1:00) is taken from the intro to I Feel Possessed,

the ending uses the same chord sequence as the "best of both worlds" line from Mansion in the Slums.

Clearly Neil was lacking inspiration when he put this one together

Alternatively, you could say he was seeing inspiration everywhere.

I'd argue that "Fields" is greater than the sum of its parts. To my ears it's stronger than most (if not all) of the songs you mentioned. If the song we have now is what was submitted as part of the rejected 1990 album, I find it a little shocking it was passed over as a b-side in favor of both "Anyone Can Tell" and "Dr. Livingstone" (Woodface's only 2 new b-sides of its 5 singles) and then passed over again for Afterglow unlike "Left Hand" and "Sacred Cow." Of course, when you have an embarrassment of riches like the Neil Finn catalog, these things are basically inevitable. Ultimately, I'm ecstatic we have it now.

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