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Reply to "Woodface Deluxe Reissue discussion"

Paul H posted:
Steve Shealy posted:

I haven't seen much discussion of I May Be Late. I think its lovely. Wonder why it was discarded?

Also, Burnt Out Tree-is this a Neil or Paul song? On the live version, Neil says they're bringing Paul down front for it. And why is it so short-both versions about a minute and a half. Is that all it ever was? 

Really like Creek Song. Could anyone PM me a version of one that doesn't include Left Hand?


I'd be happy to chime in on I May Be Late. I think it's a highlight of the reissues. That chorus is fabulously catchy. It's a shame that CH never went back to it for another go. It seems odd that they had so many goes at creating somewhere for the Left Hand chorus to live but abandoned several other equally, if not more promising, ideas. I guess things just move on sometimes.

Regardless, I think it's a cracking song.

There really are several albums worth of quality songs that they could go back to. Lots on these reissues, and still many (Walk Tall, Franks Dark Past, etc.) that were left off again.

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