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Reply to "Woodface Deluxe Reissue discussion"

slowpogo posted:
Dazz posted:

re: Audio glitch on Tal Trees: Oh good, I thought it was just me!

If Universal could fix that error somehow and replace it with new pressings that would be fantastic. Like that DVD error with the 2006 live Split Enz DVD, would it be possible to mail out replacement discs? I'm sure the forum would let us know if this was to happen.

I'd be perfectly fine with just a lossless file - Universal should make it a free download to the public on their website, no download codes or any of that crap. Just a free track to anyone who wants it. Tall Trees wasn't a single so they shouldn't mind too much, but they gotta suck it up because they made a pretty big, unprofessional screwup. It's not the most important thing for any of us to worry about, but at the same time it's a massive eye-roller.

although I forget, some people do still play the actual CD...

Yep I still play the actual CD. I have never bothered with loseless files and not intending to do so in the forseeable future

I still find it hard to believe that nobody involved with the remaster project heard that glitch in Tall Trees. It's too obvious to ignore. So no one was around for a playback? Careless.

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