Reply to "Whispers and Moans puzzle..."

OK, the Woodface CD booklet does include lyrics for the rant:

"We are the mirrors of each other
in a lifetime of suspicion
cleansed in a moment, a flash of
you gave your life for it
worth it's [sic] weight in gold and growing
Art collectors and Alans [sic] sound
will one day be forgotten, one day be

But apart from the apostrophication issues, I don't think it's "growing empires" (I thought it was "crumbling" but "Roman" works well, sound-wise).

And slowpogo, I agree with you, there's definitely something ahead of the "mirrors" part. Come to that, on the recording it doesn't sound like "we are the mirrors" so much as "... we're the mirrors" or "we are mirrors."

I used to put it together as either: "you and me / We are mirrors of each other in a lifetime of suspicion..." or "we are mirrors / we're the mirrors of each other in a ..." but your "villains" could slot in just fine too.

Hard to make out once Neil starts yelling! Is there a "Favorite Neil Rant" thread yet? Big Grin
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