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Where's My Room tour set lists

I'll say upfront this is for geeks like me who like statistics and numbers. ;-)

Below is a list of all songs performed by Neil and Liam Finn during the New Zealand (19 shows) and Australian (13 shows) legs of the Where's My Room tour. I used Please note some shows there isn't a confirmed set list and sometimes a printed set list was posted, meaning it could differ from what was actually played.

Neil and Liam Finn:

Any Other Way (25), Where's My Room (24), Meet Me in the Air (22), Anger Plays a Part (15), Hold Her Close (11), Listen (11), Back to Life (8), Paxos (8), Troubles (8), Hiding Place (7), We Know What it Means (6), Ghosts (5)

<Twelve songs, of which ten will be on the new album.>

Neil Finn:

Chameleon Days (9), Sinner (4), Last One Standing (1 by request)

Liam Finn:

Second Chance (26), Fire in Your Belly (6), Better to Be (25), Cold Feet (20), Miracle Glance (18), Remember When (1), Neurotic World (1)

Crowded House:

Don't Dream It's Over (10), Better Be Home Soon (19), Fall at Your Feet (6), Weather With You (9), Four Seasons in One Day (22), Distant Sun (26), Private Universe (21), Pineapple Head (10), Locked Out (1)

Split Enz:

I Got You (25), Poor Boy (1 with Tim Finn), History Never Repeats (13), Message to My Girl (13), I See Red (1 with Tim)


I'm the Man, That Will Find You [Connan Mockasin] (13), Why Are You Crying? [Connan Mockasin] (10), Worth the Wait [Elroy Finn] (4), plus several unplanned covers like Sunny Afternoon, Hey Jude, Those Were the Days, Will You Still Love me Tomorrow and others.

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