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Reply to "What Split Enz live material is available on cd?"

camus play the tape back.... lars sorenson.. he's a real dirty creature.. he's a real dirty man...

and a huff puffin he doth blow into that thing too !

edit time - shall we just round up those live split enz releases on cd ?

1 - the living enz (19)
2 - oddz and enz (6)
3 - anniversary (13)
4 - i got you cd single (2)
5 - spellbound. anal point but doesn't count, live time for a change is here from anniversary
6 - i like it rare (1) - available at somewhere - includes the unreleased murder or maybe it should be muhrdaaaahhh
7 - enz dvd (cant be arsed to count) - has a mixed bag of live bits

not much really eh ? scores on the doors = 41. not even the equivalent of 4 albums and they did 10 and those bsides too blah blah..

and that's your lot on cd i think ?

edit again - no it isn't, oh bugger i forgot about other enz, 2 more there
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