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Reply to "What's Next for Neil Finn?"

brownie posted:

Mariola, you really shouldn’t base your argument on metacritic reviews.  Music is so personal.  It’s all about what it means to you.

I am firmly in the camp that Neil’s recorded output since Time on Earth has not been as consistently wonderful to my ears as that which came in the 10-15 years before, but the metacritic scores don’t agree with what does and does not speak to me.

Just because “professional critics” (whatever that means) rate Out of Silence over Lightsleeper doesn’t mean I am wrong to think exactly the opposite.

Ofcourse, Brownie.

But, we dont talk here about human rights to like or dislike or just tastes in music. I am sure that there are some folks who think that Paul Weller made his best music in 80s, but its definitely not something universaly aclaim. Further, what to say in my case when about every new Neils album after TWT I have more similar opinion with most of the critics than most of the fans here? Am I not having a right to be subjective?

Futrher, isnt a fact that with every new album Neil getting less and less new fans, less and less publicity, new albums dropp from chart in one week, his videos on youtube getting less attention than some anonymus dude from Texas washing his hair?

Well, that speak something. Add to that even some hard core fans here speaking that will consider even to buy or not buy new album, be realistic and admit that there is elephant in the room.

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