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Reply to "What's Next for Neil Finn?"

brownie posted:

I loved the album with Paul Kelly, but I’m not sure if that would be the most interesting collaboration because I feel they are similar in many ways.  I’m not really familiar with Jimmy Barnes, but get the impression his music is nothing like Neil’s, so that could be interesting.  

You just reminded me of one possibility I neglected to mention...

A supergroup in the style of the Travelling Wilburys!

Imagine what a fully-fledged band comprising of the likes of Neil Finn, Mark Seymour, Paul Kelly, Dave Dobbyn, Jimmy Barnes and Bernard Fanning could come up with.

Trust Neil to make a hard left turn and end up doing something like this haha.

For what it's worth I'm not a big Jimmy Barnes fan. I do love Cold Chisel, the band he was in before he went solo. If you haven't heard any of their classic hits you're missing out. I'd say Jimmy was probably the least talented in that band though if I'm being honest. But at least he used to sing well. Now he just screams.

You'd like his solo anthem Working Class Man though.

Steve Shealy posted:

If Neil is going to be in FM, I really want to see new music from them, and see how HE influences the band, what he brings to the table, aside from a hired hand to play and sing the old hits. The Time album, while not their best, at least showed what Dave Mason, Bekka Bramlett, etc, brought to FM.

Great point. I was thinking the same thing. New material would be amazing. It would also be a credit to Neil if he could work that miracle. Not that there was anything wrong with the Buckingham McVie album. Having said that I'm also looking forward to seeing how Neil interprets some of the old Peter Green and Danny Kirwan songs.

Steve Shealy posted:

7WC-would love to see this concept applied to a new Split Enz album. Invite all living and willing members in to write and play in various combinations. I think this would provide enough of a twist to pique the creative juices.

Hell yes. That's exactly what I meant by a future Split Enz album not simply being a Finn Brothers record masquerading as an Enz album with Nigel, Eddie, Noel and Mal (or would it be Michael Barker?) backing them.

Would love to see what an experimental and casual project like that sounded like. Obviously Phil Judd's involvement would be an absolute bonus, and you'd have to imagine many of the early years line-up would be up for it.

I'd take that any day of the week over the True Colours 40th Anniversary Concerts the band definitely don't have planned for mid-2020.

Steve Shealy posted:
Crowded House- a BIG yes, but losing hope on this. I think Neil has lost interest, and wonder how much the other band members have. If there's anything left in the can that wasn't put on the Intriguer bonus disc, maybe it can be released on some sort of Afterglow II wrap-up release.

Collaboration, soundtrack, musical, anything else that grabs Neil's fancy is fine, just keep putting out wonderful music for us to enjoy!

Yeah I just think we need to let Crowded House rest. The fact we got two full-length albums was a bonus and something I'll cherish.

No way would there be anything left in the can from Intriguer.

Although I still maintain that a seventh Crowded House album featuring The Only Way to Go Is Forward, Bound to Rescue, Beautiful Life, God Lives Over the Road, Better Things, The Intriguer, Turn It Around, Eyes Grow Heavy, Two Minutes of Silence and Nonsense of Course would have been interesting. Some of these are, in my opinion, among the greatest songs Neil has ever written.

Would have at least loved an EP just to wrap things up.

Southern Cross posted:

And there could be another chapter. If Christine leaves the band again (she turned 75 not long ago, though in good shape for it) there is buzz that maybe Sheryl might come in to fill for her. But I hope that Christine sticks around a bit longer!

Appreciate all the information you wrote regarding Fleetwood Mac in your post. Couldn't quote it all, but it all make a lot of sense.

A very interesting point about Christine. I guess anything is possible, but still, she's arguably the most important member. If Sheryl Crow does eventually replace Christine would you expect her to sing Christine's songs, her own solo songs, or some of the older pre-Rumours-era tracks. At least with Neil it's not like he's exactly replacing Lindsay.

Sugar Mouse posted:

If Christine leaves the band, I could see Neil taking over keyboards for her and Sheryl Crow playing rhythm guitar as I believe that's her preferred instrument.

Hey good point. As much as I'd hate to see Christine leave, Sheryl joining on guitar and Neil switching to keyboards wouldn't be such a bad thing at all. Could see Message to my Girl getting a decent run.

brownie posted:
I adore Lightsleeper. I truly believe that album is going to make it into my top 5 all time Finn albums.

Big call that! I guess time will tell. I love how everyone has such varying tastes when it comes to Neil's music. No one project is 100% hated or loved. Even us fans can't really agree on too much!

And in response to your Dizzy Heights paragraph, there are some amazing songs on there. I absolutely love Recluse. Divebomber and Dizzy Heights are also epic. There are a couple of misses on there for me though. Not complaining though, as I might end up loving them one of these days.

mikelm posted:

An even more unexpected left turn: Buckingham Finn 

(Also posted this on FB thread)

hahaha I did see that comment pop up on this post that I cross-posted to the Facebook group. Still need to get around to replying to all the comments. I think I managed to respond to the first 10 or so, but it definitely got away from me!

I guess if David Lee Roth and Sammy Hager can collaborate then anything is possible!

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