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Reply to "What's Next for Neil Finn?"

As far as what I want, how about all of the above . But a lot of interesting possibilities.

If Neil is going to be in FM, I really want to see new music from them, and see how HE influences the band, what he brings to the table, aside from a hired hand to play and sing the old hits. The Time album, while not their best, at least showed what Dave Mason, Bekka Bramlett, etc, brought to FM.

Finn Brothers - YES. They bring out the best in each other, and if they have much of an album in the works, it would be a shame to let it languish.

Neil and Liam- not next. Maybe some day, but let this one sink in for awhile.

Solo- again, we just got OOS and DH, so hold off awhile on another.

7WC-would love to see this concept applied to a new Split Enz album. Invite all living and willing members in to write and play in various combinations. I think this would provide enough of a twist to pique the creative juices.

Pajama Club- I liked that album, and would love to see another. It definitely had a different vibe, and Neil seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Finn Family Band- yes, yes, yes. With, as noted above, creative input from all, not just backing Neil on HIS songs.

Crowded House- a BIG yes, but losing hope on this. I think Neil has lost interest, and wonder how much the other band members have. If there's anything left in the can that wasn't put on the Intriguer bonus disc, maybe it can be released on some sort of Afterglow II wrap-up release.

Collaboration, soundtrack, musical, anything else that grabs Neil's fancy is fine, just keep putting out wonderful music for us to enjoy!

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