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Reply to "What's Next for Neil Finn?"

Paul H posted:

Well, I have an emotional attachment to Crowded House as well, and love nothing more than seeing them together but, as I say, I'd rather have great Neil songs without them than rubbish songs with them. It's the songs that matter.

Ok, but tell us which rubish songs in CH catalogue are that? And which Neils "great" songs in era after Intriguer are that (except Out of Silence album in whole)?

See, I can relate with those who was dissapointed how Intriguer turned out - all that americana unnesecery style, Wilco infuence, lack of energy, sounded too loud without good reason, but...

Most of us here can agree that all Intriguer era (bonus 2. disc of Intriguer)  was fantastic time, with lot of classic pop-rock songs in which is easy to fall in love; Twice if youre Lucky, Amsterdam, Falling Dove, Either side of The World, Only way to go is Forward, Bound to Rescue, etc...even Strangest Friends recorded later with Nick Launey sounded 10 times better than same song on Neils solo Dizzy Heights.

I know that not everyone here will agree, but after Intriguer era only Out of Silence can be measured with CH catalogue in quality. If fans wont agree, professional critics will! Ask anyone of proffesional reviewers, 99 % of them will agree with that. After all, just look at metacritic scores for albums - every album after Intriguer had less and less praises, except Out of Silence which had highest score, on the level of reviews you can find for previous CH albums. This last one, Lightsleeper is now on 67 % which is far under level of extraordinary musician like Neil. And, this 67 % is maybe even too much, in my opinion.

After that we can talk about next issue -for whom Neil makes all that new solo/family albums, when with every new album he has less and less fans? His singles last few years gets about 15.000 views on youtube and new album ussualy drops from chart after one week charting,...

All in all, its no wonder that many of us want him back to road with CH band, with classic poprock songs, which we will listen many many years after publishing(for example I didnt listen Dizzy Heights from 2014. and Pajama Club from 2011., like many others as well, I am sure), and not to mention that I want singles that can be heard on radio also. Its not something unimportant - this keeps music, songs and album alive through the time.

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