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Reply to "What's Next for Neil Finn?"

Southern Cross posted:

When Sheryl Crow nearly joined the group about 10 years ago...

I do remember hearing something about that. So Sheryl Crow was definitely asked to join? Was this essentially to perform Christine McVie's songs because Christine wasn't in the bad during that period? Would have been interesting to see what would have come of it.

slowpogo posted:

Regarding a “Finn family band,” that’s basically what he’s done for his last 4 albums, isn’t it? Pajama Club, Dizzy Heights, Out of Silence and Lightsleeper all heavily feature the Finns.

It's a fair point, but with Dizzy Heights and Out of Silence it was Neil making all the decisions and bringing every song and idea to the table himself. Sharon and Elroy only really served as backing musicians in the same way every other drummer or bassist has with Neil in the recent past.

Liam I think did co-produce Out of Silence, so I'll give him that, and Sharon was involved a bit more with Pajama Club, but that was a 'band' album anyway,

My idea of a Finn Family Band album would include songwriting and vocals from many different people. Maybe Tim could write a couple for Elliot and Harper to sing for example. Elroy could contribute songs too. It would be more like an ensemble than just Neil's family backing him on a solo record. We'd have Liam and Tim too. Think along the lines of The Sun Came Out. Completely different to anything we've seen.

Teddy Thompson did something similar a few years ago. The musicians involved on that album span three generations and include his long separated parents Richard Thompson (who wrote Tim Finn's Persuasion) and Linda Thompson, his sister Kami Thompson and her husband James Walbourne (also her band mate in The Rails) as well as nephew Zak Thompson and half-brother Jack Thompson (son of Richard Thompson from his second marriage). The band is completed with assistance from Walbourne's brother Rob on drums and Teddy Thompson's eldest sister Muna Mascalo, who is not a musician, on backing vocals.

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