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Reply to "What other artists do Neil Finn fans like????"

Let's see... short list...

*Bob Dylan
*Led Zeppelin
*Rolling Stones

*REM -- favorite band of all time, prior to discovering the Finns (and prior to Bill Berry leaving)
*Sting/The Police
*Indigo Girls
*Public Enemy ("which one of these things is not like the others...")
*Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
*Chicago blues guitar -- Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Luther Allison, and others

*Uncle Tupelo, and offshoots -- Son Volt and Wilco
*Ron Sexsmith
*David Gray (wife and I disagree on this one -- she mockingly refers to him as "the sheep guy")
*Shawn Colvin
*Lyle Lovett
*Bic Runga
*Dave Dobbyn
*Possibly Teddy Thompson, once we have more than one album to judge on.
*and based on this recent Neil tour, add Rhett Miller/Old 97's.
    All times London, UK.

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