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Reply to "What other artists do Neil Finn fans like????"

Originally posted by grace0418:
[qb]Okay, my list would be ENORMOUS (I am a musical pig) if I wrote them all, and I'm definitely a child of the 70s/80s. [/qb]
I'll drink to that, Grace... moi aussi, darls, (on all points contained in that there sentence) Big Grin

The ones that immediately come to mind:

Jeff Buckley (FrenchFan, KillEye, I know you're with me here!)
The Police
The Cure
The Clouds (Aussie band of the 90's, for those who're going "huh?")
Frente! (see above)
Seven Stories (likewise)
Boom Crash Opera
Richard Pleasance
Suzanne Vega
Tori Amos
Headless Chickens (kiwi dance music at its finest)

... and more but my mind is dull right now, for reasons best not gone into... Frowner
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