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What other artists do Neil Finn fans like????

...after reading the Marshall Mathers post, I had to wonder what music Finn fans like. I always find it interesting how the artists I admire have connections to one another, for example Sheryl Crow and Neil, Pearl Jam and Split Enz...I also find that alot of the same session people and producers work on artists I love. So, who does everyone like?

Here's my list:
Aimee Mann
Michael Penn (How happy was I when they married?)
Squeeze (so connected to both above artists)
Indigo Girls (I once heard them do "Persuasion")
Grant Lee Buffalo (frequent Neil show guest)
Soul Coughing ( happy was I when SS joined Neil's band???)
Tracy Chapman
Pearl Jam
The Who (obvious)
The Monkees (I am serious, plus they sound like CH sort of)
The Beatles (obviously)
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