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Reply to "Way cool Neil art"

Hey Everyone... Razzer

This is a word from the artist of that Neil Finn picture, Ken...

"thanks..... maybe you can pass along that I am a professional artist, for one, and that I do this once in a while, when I really like someone's music. The pictures on the wall behind are pictures in the club where he played, and are of various musicians that played there. Believe me, I am not a stalker, just someone who loves music a lot, loves to meet the musicians he likes, etc. Neil was very nice, very grateful and complimentary, and I purposefully didn't take up much of his time.

sometimes I think the mean comments on boards like these just come from jealous people, I dunno."

But he said thanks for the nice comments! Big Grin

Over and out...
See ya,
Ayisha! Razzer
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