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Reply to "Washington...YAY"

Well, I'm finally back home from the show. I had a great time even though I was with a sick friend (who is great, BTW). Anyway, here's the complete setlist:

Human Kindness
Last One Standing
Pineapple Head
Love This Life (dedicated to TITM)
Hole In The Ice
Message To My Girl (solo)
World Where You Live (solo, sing-along)
- From the balcony, I yell out a request for Walking On The Spot. Neil said it was "too late," but he'd "try to remember later" ... although "later may be hours later on the tour bus."
Faster Than Light
Love Is All The Remains
Last To Know (dedicated to Lisa)
Locked Out
Loose Tongue
- Asked for Heidi to sing FAYF
Weather With You (with Andy & Brian from the crowd)
"Mean To Me" (from Jeff's CD)
Fall At Your Feet

Encore (1):
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Driving Me Mad
Something So Strong

Encore (2):
She Will Have Her Way
Sweet Dreams
Lullaby Requiem

Well, there isn't much left to say. I'm ecstatic that Neil talked to me again (I'm 2-for-2 after the Convent Girls request in Chicago). I wish I would've been close enough to get my airplane on the stage. I requested Nails In My Feet, Convent Girls (complete with lyrics to help him remember this time), and offered to help sing How Will You Go. Maybe next time. FTR, I didn't think Rhett Miller was great, but he was good enough. Also, I missed Lisa quite a bit. Still, I definitely had a great time.

I almost forgot -- no matter what anyone says, I dearly missed DDIO. A Neil show without it just feels a little empty.
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