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Reply to "Washington...YAY"

Great show last night. Arrived late and only caught the last two minutes of the Rhett Miller set. The band was a little less polished than last summer in DC - not surprising, given that (1) Lisa Germano was absent due to friend's illness, (2) first show on the tour, (3) preponderance of live "rarities" in the set. Steinberg needed to turn down the amp on his bass. About five songs in Neil asked who had been at the show last summer, and then who hadn't - sounded like about 60% of audience was at the show in the summer, and the set list was planned accordingly. I'd estimate only a 30-40% song overlap from the last show: Sinner, She Will Have Her Way, Anytime, World Where You Live, Fall At Your Feet, Pineapple Head (?), Loose Tongue (?), Driving Me Mad and Weather With You, which wasn't on the set list but played anyway because it was the only song known by the buskers who he invited on stage.

From memory, other songs played included:

Message to my Girl
Faster Than Light
Something So Strong
Locked Out (first time played in many years, he said)
Sweet Dreams
Last to Know
Human Kindness
New song (title: Love Is All That Remains ?) - good central chorus, but still a work-in-progress at some of the bridges.
Love This Life
There is a Light That Never Goes Out
...blanking out on the rest...& I recognized the last song of the show but can't place the name from memory...anyone?

Other highlights:

Somebody threw a CD from their own band up on stage, and he passed it back to the house DJ and had him put on the first song, entitled "Mean to Me." Neil threatened to sue him. Played first 30 seconds of the song, told the guy that "that F chord is a mistake, it was good up until then," and moved on.

Early in the show he said something to the effect of: "It seems like there's a lot of bad stuff going on in the world, but I know that there's a lot of good things going on in the world, just beneath the surface. I have to believe it," and then segue-wayed perfectly into Love This Life.

After a couple of Crowded House songs early in the show, somebody shouted out "Play Neil Finn," and Neil mused about the irony of that statement.
    All times London, UK.

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