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Reply to "Washington...YAY"

Further to Tina's post... a great night was had by all, with a few FAB things that made the night truly special...

LOVE THIS LIFE - I can't remember the last time I heard him sing this (Wembley Arena, London in 1994 or 5??). What a great one!! Big Grin

NEW SONG - Seems to be about Sept 11 (or at least the aftermath) which was really beautiful and touching.

SWEET DREAMS - I almost bust a gut when Neil started singing the Split Enz (Judd) cover... THANK YOU NEIL for pulling this one out of the dusty closet. Big Grin

WEATHER - Since no one volunteered to duet on FAYF, 2 guys from Bethesda came up and did a few rounds with Neil and the band... I *loved it* when one of them asked neil if he could strap on an acoustic guitar and keep going... Neil's face was classic throughout... clearly having a great time and a bit of a giggle.

OK - and I know hair & pants is old news, but I have to go there for one second. Neil looked the best he has in quite some time. It seems like he's finally gone back to the classic shorter hair and suit look from years gone by... I loved it!

OH - and Neil mentioned that the next time we'd see him would be with Tim... their songwriting is going really well (according to him) and they should have something down soon. Wa-hay!!

I loved the show, I wish there had been more, but I can not say just how happy I am that we have not had to wait 2 years in between tours. Keep em coming Neil!!!
    All times London, UK.

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