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Vocalists who sound alike.

Well since we've had a thread on distinctive vocalists, it inspired me recently to list some vocalists who actually have simular voices rather than those who stand out amongst the crowd. Here's some of mine:

John Lennon- Liam Gallagher.
On the last two Oasis albums, Liam's voice has deviated from the grouchy, scratchy John Lydon-esque vocals in favour of perfectly rounded, clean Lennon style vocals. If you get the chance, listen to a song called "Born on a different cloud" which not only did he sing but also wrote. Teh resemblance is mind blowing to say the least.

Neil Finn- Darren Hayes
Yep, as much as i'd hate to say it, they do have simular voices. Maybe not so much now, but back in the earlier days of Savage Garden, there were some simularities. I was listening to the radio one day and they were playing "To the moon and back", when the song stopped the and DJ started talking, he said "and that was Crowded Hou-....sorry Savage Garden." Ever since then I saw how the mistake was made.

Eddie Vedder- Scott Stap
Eddie- original. Scott (from Creed), unoriginal, boring and over rated, but still sounding like Eddie Vedder. However, he has a big climb to reach Eddie's clarity in song writing.

Freddie Mercury- George Michael.
When I was younger (about 8 years old), I thought the song "Another one bites the dust" was in fact a song by George Michael, not Queen. My father made sure Santa declined my usual income of presents that Christmas.

Eric Clapton- Paul Weller.
Although not a clear match, there's some simularities in the way they "wooooo-oooo-ahhh" and ablib during their songs, not to mention their very dry and rusty blues vocals.

Paul Dempsey- Pete Murray.
Musically there's a discrepant fluxuation, but vocally, quite close.

Any you can think of?
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