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Reply to "Vancouver show!!"

Where have I been? Obviously not where I should be...spending more time on this cool Frenz Forum site.

I knew about this site already but never took the time to read all the posts...I mean have you seen how many there are?

And so the night that I did post a reply, earlier that evening I was hanging out with a friend of mine and fellow Crowded House/Neil Finn fan and we were watching my taped "Crowded House Intimate & Interactive" that was done on Muchmusic in 1994, about a month or so prior to their concert here at the QE - which I might add also that I WAS THERE!

And so later in the night, much later I was on a Neil Finn high and was reading some postings. And the one that struck particular interest was the one about Neil's recent concert here. And so I'm reading these excellent reviews and some are talking about the "Love this Life" moment as a memorable highlight as well as mentioning about me! So I had to reply and let everyone know that it was me assisting Mr. Finn with this song.

So my apologies for replying late but better late than never!

And of the 2 concerts Neil did within the past year here, I definitely think the latter one at The Commodore was better! I think his vocal performance was stronger, the sound was better and he was more into it with the crowd and I think the overall "aura" of the show was better - especially that it was his final leg of the tour and having Sharon & Elroy there and even participating with him.

Don't get me wrong, BOTH were GREAT yet slightly different but if I had to pick one...Neil's February 2003 show!!!

Oh yeah!

P.S. - Can't wait to join Neil & Tim on stage to sing and play along when they come here on the next tour...I'm hoping I get lucky enough to do so!

Thanks for your reply!
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