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Reply to "Vancouver show!!"

Originally posted by boarderGurl:
[qb]Hey PINAHEAD .....I was the girl that Neil was addressing in the audience re: your fortune cookies!!!!! [/qb]
Me too, me too!! Cool I was right behind Gen... when he mentioned the cookies I hollered out (obnoxiously, of course) "Oh! Pinahead's cookies!" and he looked over our way and said something like "Ah, so you're trying to take credit for them, are you?" And I said "NO, but we'll tell her you got them!!!" ... etc.

I was so happy for you, Pinahead, as you seemed disappointed that your cookies hadn't gotten noticed in Seattle... Well, it turns out that they were very much appreciated after all, and not only were they yummy (he said), they were inspiring, too! YaY!!!! It was nice meeting you, by the way. (I hope your interviews went well!)

Martine, I believe I've already expressed this via PM, but you are so fun!! It was really nice meeting you, and I'm so glad we found you, even though we didn't come up with red carnations *sigh*. Big Grin

Also: Hi Grant! It was nice meeting you. You're a real honey. Smiler I'll never again see a Sleeman's without thinking of you (assuming I ever see a Sleeman's again at all--ha ha). And Maryann of the strawberry blonde hair and cool green Gore Tex: if you're reading this HI!! And to the rest of the TITM set: thanks for making the wait so fun! (Remember the Rhett Miller look alike crepe chef??)

Shakespeare: yeah! I know what you mean about the bass... wasn't that awesome? That vibe rattled through my chest especially hard at the Vancouver show because (to avoid further problems with the "front row neck" I'd picked up the two nights before) I chose a spot right in front of the speaker. Thankfully I took the waitress' advice and picked up a pair of earplugs at the coat check before the show. That was actually an awesome spot, because I could hear the niceties of the show much better: Lisa's vocals and violin (!!), Shon's guitar riffs in more detail, etc.

I know this will seem very "girl fan" of me, but even though the music was PHENOMENAL, throughout these three shows (Portland, Seattle and Vancouver) I was most impressed by how acknowledging and accomodating Neil is of his audiences. He makes a really good hero, that one.

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