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Reply to "Vancouver show!!"


Am penning this within the hour and half of arriving home to my Heartland city of Winnipeg.

KATHLEEN!!!!!!!!!! What happend to you lady????
We waited at Starbucks for an hour and then I ran up and down the lineup distrauht-edly (is that a word) waving my carnation looking for you!!!!!
I'm a so sorry we missed each other!!!!!!! I hooked up with boardergurl and sweetsecretpeace--had tried to find them all day too--poor dears were tired --they got into Van at 5 in the morning and then slept until 2:30--boardergurl's cel phone wouldn't work in Van (???) and I had her last name to give the hotel but they had registered under sweetsecretpeace's last name which I didn't know.

Next time we are going to be way better organized ok!!!!!

I'm so glad you had a good time anyway--didn't you hear Neil talking to me?????SCREAMMMMMM

Boardergurl and Sweetsecretpeace are in Whistler BC for the next few days and I know boardergurl is planning on posting as soon as she gets home.

A Big HELLO to our new friend Grant who found us at Starbucks by London Drugs, a real pleasure Grant--and to all the very very kind folks I stood with from Tongue in the Mail forum.

When Neil was saying he really means to hit the heartland next time, I kept waiting for him to say Winnipeg and he didn't, so I leaned past the poor girl in front of me who was directly under his mike stand and screamed WINNIPEG!!!!!! I could not believe it when he started going on about "I've been in Winnipeg when it's been 30 below!!!!" (newsflash, got home tonight and it's minus 12, not bad, but brutal after what? 14 above in Vancouver)

Having never seen Neil in the flesh before, I found I was sort of dumbfounded Eeker when he actually started addressing me, I'm not usually caught for words, the Gods were really smiling on me!!!

I have little to add re the show itself, the whole experience was so intense, I was sort of sad that he didn't do The Climber which is a song I just love, but I was very happy he did Gentle Hum as I understand from everyone that he didn't do that for the last two nights.

Well, I better end the essay here for now, phew!!!!
    All times London, UK.

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