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Reply to "Vancouver show!!"

Hi Frenz,
well I too was unable to say hello to the red carnation bunch (too busy doing my job and didn't see them, where were you all?).

I hope everybody who came enjoyed both the show and venue.
Here, from my notes is the set list and show moments. Please feel free to add and correct

Now We're Getting Somewhere
King Tide
Locked out
Anytime (with Rhett Miller)

Intro Lisa and Sharon

Last to Know (all sit down during violin solo)
Neil introduces Lisa - the cat's recovering etc
To Dream Lisa's song (Lisa refers to her hoarse throat someone Neil? suggests singing a Horse song)

Pineapple Head Neil invites audience to "be" the electric guitar part. also breaks down to a Guitar and Double Bass duet near end.

Intros Seb on bass,mentions heartland of Canada, talks to Winnipeg Fan Martine was that you?
Intro Trev,Scott. then mentions Scotts "girlfriends" also Scotts Mum and Dad.
Thanks travelling fans

Love This Life
Neil talks about fortune cookies with lyric lines enclosed, the missing line in Love this life
Love This Life reprise with audience singing missing line.

Love is All That Remains (big bass vibrations)
Driving Me Mad gtr solo at end
Into the Sunset
Short chicken song while waiting for Trev to tune

Trevs song (title?)

Last one standing
Loose Tongue
Human Kindness
She Will Have Her Way (with Rolling Stones "Can't always get what you want")

Encore 1
Something So Strong (with Blair Camp bus driver on drums)
Turn & Run
I Got You

Encore 2
Fall at Your Feet (Elroys 3rd show on drums)
Better Be Home Soon (solo)
Gentle Hum (solo at piano)

Well I hope I got everything and helped nudge some memories.

Bonus stuff

Sound check songs were:
King Tide
Last to Know
Something So Strong (with bus driver on drums)
Faster Than Light (Neil on piano abbreviated version)

Gentle Hum was way more than I expected � goose pimple stuff. Also Love....Remains If this is and indication of Neils latest work I can't wait to hear what else he has coming up.

Also I only saw maybe two or three paper airplanes on stage after the show. I thought there would have been more than that.
Also no audience members ended up on stage.
Neils voice was pretty good. better than I thought it was going to be, after hearing about him being sick earlier in the tour. That's a bug that's going around Vancouver recently too.
What a trooper Neil.

Lisa mentioned she was well until she rejoined the tour. (Get well soon Lisa)

Steve Earle was fighting the same thing a couple of weeks back. but I digress....

A great show by Neil and Company

Best Wishes
    All times London, UK.

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