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Reply to "Vancouver show!!"

Neil is such a cat. Great band. Great vibe. Great low bass frequencies (I think it was "Love Is All That Remains"). Great guitar solos. Great improvisations. Great energy . . . Neil was running around on stage in true rock god fashion. Great songs -- as ever. Great knowledge of Canadian geography (Neil knows that the Rockies are between Vancouver and most other places in Canada . . . which is better than some people from Toronto!) He mentioned Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal and promised to get to you next time. He called you "The Heartland."

He mentioned that he would be back with Tim (something he said last July too).

Something So Strong opened the night. I can't recall the order, or every song, but he also played:

Driving Me Mad
King Tide
She Will Have Her Way (which ROCKED!)
Last One Standing
Love This Life
Loose Tongue (which also ROCKED)
Last To Know
Love Is All That Remains
Fall At Your Feet (with Elroy on drums)
I Got You (With all key parts played on guitar)
Into The Sunset (very cool version)
Something So Strong (with the bus driver on drums and his guitar tech on guitar!)
Better Be Home Soon
Gentle Hum (Neil solo at the piano)

Gentle Hum had some really fine piano playing and nice closely clustered chords. For a while it sounded like the girl next to me was humming the theme from "Titanic" -- but there you are, maybe if Neil thumped his chest she might think he was Celine Dion.

I wondered if Lisa Germano was sick or something . . . she kept leaving the stage - mid song! Also . . . apart from Neil the band seemed to be pretty scruffily dressed. Lisa and Sebastian -- did they lose their luggage or something? Man, I look better when I'm going to bed.

Elroy played drums on Fall At Your Feet. He slowed down a bit, but hey . . . it was his third ever gig. Neil's wife, Sharon, sang backups from backstage (she was mic'd and you could hear her but she very mysteriously remained anonymous). Can't remember the tune. Lisa's voice was shot completely, maybe Sharon was covering for her (Lisa was not singing on the tune). Also, Lisa's solo tune was a bit of a train wreck. Poor thing. I think she must have been ill.

I sound like I'm bitching. I'm not. Neil seemed less into hamming it up for the fans and more into experimenting with his songs. Sebastian got a great upright bass solo complete with audience participation in the form of a clapping motif picked up by Neil on his guitar. Sebastian was also fantastic all night on his electric bass. Lots of lofty stuff. It was a mighty fine concert.

Sorry to hear about the unruly fans up front. The opening guy made me want to rush out and buy either a chain saw or a guitar with some tone to it. What did he string that thing with - barbed wire? I guess it explains all his shouting. Good enthusiasm, but crap songs. You can see that sort of thing on several street corners.

The sound was a bit muddy . . . AND WHERE WERE ALL THE CARNATION PEOPLE? I didn't see a single one of the "Frenz".

Catch you next time . . . at the Tim/Neil gig!

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