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Vancouver show!!

Well, despite an incredibly depressing day at work, a nasty virus, and the inability to meet up with Martine et al as planned (arrggggh, I'm soooo sorry!!!! Frowner ) , I still managed to have a blast at the show last night at the Commodore (with a few minor complaints about Rhett Miller fans). Smiler

First off, Rhett Miller was waaaaay better than Ed Harcourt: cuter, lots more energy, pretty good songs (abeit with a sameness), and enough taste to wear (what I think was) a Canada NHL (?) shirt for a sing-along on during the first encore.

Rhett Miller fans: did I happen to stand next to the exact same ones at one of the earlier shows in the US who were drunk, loud, and knew only the "Hey Now, Hey Now song"??? They were far more concerned with who was smoking the "Black Sheba" (their words) and making several runs to the bar than Neil Finn on stage. Fortunately they decided to wander off about half-way through the set, probably to reduce the distance to the beer.

As for Neil, he was brilliant as ever, naturally! Not much chat this time, which I suppose is fitting for an end-of-tour show. It was two hours of a good mix of energetic, solid, fun music.

I won't bother with duplicating the set list, since I won't be able to!!! The only non-Neil tune was a bar of "Pretty Little Hen" (methinks) while Trevor/Shon was tuning his guitar for his own song.


- Lisa Germano

- Elroy on FAYF (jeez, he looks so young for 15!!)

- The bus driver (can't remember his name) playing the drums for "Something So Strong" (again, I think it was SSS)

- My favourite moment: After singing "Love this life", Neil told us about how someone had made him fortune cookies the night before, each containing a line from one of his songs. One of the lines came from "Love this Life", which line I can't quite remember (it's early, I'm tired, so sue me Wink ). Neil said he could not for the life of him, remember where that line went in the song! It was quite funny, because he seemed genuinely perplexed. He commented that his brain/head was gone and it was time to go home (to which we soundly gave the thumbs-down). Some guy in the audience kindly sang the line for him in the context of the song, then we all sang the verse for him as it should be. Then Neil said something to the effect that we did a terrific job, then asked "What was that line again??" Awwwwww, he's sooooo cute when he's forgetful Big Grin

- "Gentle Hum" as the last song of the night: very lovely, as was "Love is All That Remains"

- No paper airplanes (or if there were, they were ignored), proferring of cell phones, or dancing on stage to distract from the show.

- Cool bass vibration thing that just rang through the bouncy dance floor and my body, giving me chills - can't remember which song it was

- A very good, tight band (my non-fan husband's comment, a thing that always impresses him along with the amazing, singing crowd Smiler )

Hair n' Pants report: Couldn't see his pants because of my height impediment, but he started off with a purple button-up shirt and a denim jacket, and switched to a blue, shiny (well, smooth like silk) button up for the encores. Hair was good, kind of from the days of CH

Hmmmm, I might have missed something, but I'll have to go get more coffee to get it out of my brain. Just want to say as my final comment: I can't wait for when Neil and Tim come 'round!!!

(Floating on Cloud 9 on the way to school...)
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