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Reply to "US orders of the new re-releases"

The Ligature posted:

Coincidentally, "Time On Earth" is now available on US Amazon at $21.98 with free shipping for Prime members, and a November 11th release date.
All of the other reissues are about $10 more expensive.

The best options seem to be changing every few days.

Assuming the release dates are accurate the best option for Stateside fans currently appears to be placing an order for  "Time On Earth" through Amazon US, and the other six reissues from the Canadian site.

Still over a week for that to change however.

Also curious that "Intriguer" is the only deluxe reissue that currently offers Autorip on the US site. 

Thanks so much for the heads up on this.  Honestly, I had given up on the US Amazon store, so I stopped checking on it.  Thanks to this update, I canceled my import order and placed it with the US store.  And I was able to use my gift card, which is always nice [since Amazon gift cards purchased in the US can't be used in the Canada or UK Amazon stores].


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