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Reply to "US orders of the new re-releases"

Hello all---

First, I want to be clear about something.  Jaffaman, I know you’re just the messenger in all this, and I want to thank you again for keeping us informed about these releases.

Second, the idea that the new 2CD reissues will be sold through the usual online stores in the other major markets but not in the US is baffling to me.  I mean, yeah, it’s good to know they’ll be available in the official store, but based on the preorder listing for the first album, it appears that they’ll be charging the full MSRP for these sets.  The preorder for the first album is listed at $30, which is very high.

I can’t help wondering if this is some sort of strange, self-fulfilling prophecy kind of thing with the label.  They assume that these sets won’t sell in the US, so they’re limiting the availability to the official band/label store.  But by that very action, won’t they be hurting sales?

These sets clearly cater to the hardcore fans, who will surely seek out the best pricing [which currently appears to be the Canadian Amazon store…?].  Maybe the label just isn’t expecting the numbers on these releases, so rather than press up a bunch of copies, they’re hedging their bet with the limited availability in the US.  I would expect the slightly less hardcore but still somewhat interested fans to simply download these sets from the US iTunes store, which is offering them at close to half the price that official store is listing.  So maybe limiting the physical 2CD release is a smart decision.

I’m trying to understand the thought process behind all of this.  I mean, as a fan, I want these sets as soon as I can get them.  But we’re talking about $30 each from the official/label store or about $16.80 from Canada, plus import shipping.  That’s a HUGE price difference.

Jaffaman, you said “initially,” so the implication is that the 2CD sets will eventually be sold at the US Amazon store and other retailers in the US.  Is that correct?



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