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Reply to "Upcoming Split Enz shows on NZ Radio"

I knew this subject would come up... fair enough too.

Unfortunately, if every track was played in full, we'd never get though the story. Some things that need to be included in the story have to be played only in excerpts or we'd bore the pants off everyone but the most die-hard fans Razzer

For example, I've got to play the single release of "I See Red" because it's a major Enz track. But I also want to include the Nambassa version due to Tim's altered lyrics that refer to the fire . They're both great but you can't play the same song in full twice in one programme, so one of them will have to be played only in part.

Many rarities will be included because they illustrate the song writing process, the fun and frustrations at rehearsals or the band's ability to continue playing live while one key member's disappeared from the stage(!) but they don't all warrant more than a brief airing.

I've heard that "Split Ended Wireless Special" too and would love to have heard the full violin and guitar demo of "Time for a Change' that plays behind Tim. But it wouldn't have worked in the programme. (Actually, I'd love to include it in my programme too but I haven't been able to locate the original demo yet.)

I hope my explanation makes sense. As a fan I want to make this as richly rewarding for fellow Frenz as possible while at the same time remembering that I'm not broadcasting a rarities album. It's a documentary about NZ's most important and fondly regarded band of the 70's and 80's Smiler This thing has to flow smoothly... so we'll see how we go. I'll definitely keep your request in mind, Incognito.

Yes, I interviewed the Fuddster.

Incidentally, I've now got about 45 versions of "I See Red" to choose from and 29 of "Time for a Change"...
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