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Reply to ""Twice if youre lucky"- next single"

Originally posted by Mariola:
So, apperantly, I was really lousy predictor when I predicted good and solid destiny of second single "Either side of the world". So far, from it, nothing. Just like from "Saturday sun".

Mannagment of CH in their letter/answer to me and some fans said that next single will be "Twice if you are lucky". So, they wont wait any longer with obviously strongest title on album.

But, now, after lesson with SS and ESOTW what can we expect from TIYL as single?

Some of us think that SS was good chiice for first single, I even think that ESOTW is excellent choice for single, but obviously better after TIYL, not before. Both of those two singles failed, and we still dont know if they were even released as singles in material way. Just read on some site that ESOTW is upcoming single on Australian Charts after 01.10.. But, that is now, where is it?

So, after all that we know about that how Universal treat CH, what kind of songs are on charts these days, how BBC isnt so open to CH as before, what are the chances of future single?

And, what time of release is the best? Is it best time in Christmas time when air is filled with those sentimental christmas songs alla "Wham: Last Christmas", or you think its worst time for it?

Please, share your thoughts.

My personal view is that Archer's Arrow rather than SS would have made a better first single, but I think SS failed more because of it's late release date rather than anything else. If it had trailed the promotion CH did with the BBC and the tour dates then it would have definitely been played more on radio and would have been more familiar to audiences during the tour.

ESOTW as a single was just a big mistake. No radio station played it to my knowledge and UMG were too slow to get the video up on Youtube. Nice video, though I'm not sure it was worth the effort in the end since it had very little impact beyond hardcore fans.

TIYL is in theory a commercial and conventional enough pop song to walk into the A or B playlists of Radio 2, Absolute Radio and maybe even Heart FM, but it needs to be released with some sort of fanfare, which I why I am hoping that Neil will:

(a) Win some kind of award at the Q awards (they must be getting him to put on a show for some reason or other Confused

(b) Neil will do some other PR for Intriguer while he's in London to unveil TIYL as the new single and give Intriguer a
boost, a slot on Steve Wright in the Afternoon playing some music off Intriguer would work.

I think the idea of TIYL being a hit single is pretty remote, but if it gets enough Radio airplay I believe it could encourage sales of Intriguer in the pre-Xmas period when people are shopping for gifts. Most modern bands don't make slushy Xmas songs for the Xmas charts anymore and if the commercial release date for TIYL is timed for mid to late November it should avoid getting caught up in the nostalgic Xmas slush songs, since radio doesn't play these until the last 3 weeks of the Xmas period.

Next year, however, I think Crowded House need to start a fresh in the UK, re-release Intriguer properly (with some bonus material) and use Archer's Arrow and Amsterdam as radio promos, add to this another UK tour with radio promotion on top and Intriguer could prove to be a slow grower.

The rule that you get 3 singles or promos off an album doesn't exist anymore, for radio purpose artists seem to be able to release as many of they want.

Fyfe Dangerfield had 5 releases off Fly Yellow Moon and Paloma Faith is just going to release her 5th promo off her debut album "Do you want the truth or something beautiful".

So bring it on CH, lets see you do some proper promotion in the UK in 2011! Smiler Smiler

    All times London, UK.

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