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Reply to "True Colours vinyl with PINK sleeve"

I have a ridiculous 33 copies of True Colours! (1-11 are Australian) 

1. Pink and yellow triangles

2. Pink with orange triangles

3. Pink with black triangles

4. Black and White

5. Purple with yellow triangles 

6. Blue with orange triangles 

7. Silver and Gold

8. Yellow and Blue

9. Lime Green and pink triangles 

10. Yellow and pink triangles 

11. Yellow with red triangles (laser etched)

+ variant of 11 , Sample, variant with rear statement printed in white in the blue top border "Unique laser etched Record...)

+ variant of 11 , Yellow with red triangles (RED vinyl / laser etched test pressing)

12. NZ Silver numbered 

13-15 NZ Purple, Red and Blue covers 

16. NZ red cover, on Black Enz Records label

17. NZ Black Mushroom design L37167 in Aust Blue cover

18-21 Japan Yellow, Blue, Red and Purple covers with obi

22. Argentina Colores Vendaderos  (blue)

23. Southern Rhodesia (White A&M, blue cover)

24. South Africa (A&M blue cover)

25. Germany Blue cover

26. Phillippines (yellow and Blue)

27. Malaysia / Hong Kong (yellow and blue) 

28 Canada Purple with gold border

29. Holland Blue cover laser etched 

Various signed editions from NZ 

I do have a couple things like the NZ red covers and blue covers which used noticeably different colour tones .

Re Aust copies 9 and 10 - this may be a unintended colour variation. The yellow is not quite as yellow 11, but it's hugely different to the green colour. 

Happy to put up pics but I don't know how.
















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