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Reply to "True Colours vinyl with PINK sleeve"

Trish posted:
sinner62 posted:

FYI I have three different variations of the pink True Colours -

1 has orange triangles

2. has yellow triangles

3. black triangles

I assume the latter one must have been a printing error, and there must have been a small number done like this. Interestingly it is missing the L37167 number on top rear right, though it's present on the spine like the others.


Not for sale but just in case this is news as to what's out there!


Oooh, do you have pics? I'd love to see the possible printing error! Do you have all of the colours?

Does anybody know for sure, just how many different colour combos there are? There seem to be more out there than I thought. I wasn't aware a pink with black triangles - very cool if that is a printing error. There won't be many of them!

Some of the shades seem quite different too - I'm not sure if it has been caused by some colour fading over the years, if some covers just came out of the printers slightly different, or if it was intended.

I would be keen to know how many different colour combos people have. I think I have over 10 different vinyl colour combos, but would need to get them out of the collection to check. 

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