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Reply to "TOTP2"

Hiya dr hfuhruhurr... Razzer
Hiya Everyone too! Smiler

ayisha that is indeed sophistication at the highest level, listening to crowded house at 8.

when i was 8 i think i was in awe of stuff like 'puff the magic dragon' and 'octopusses garden'.

in my defence however two years later i was into marc bolan, elo and elton john. [/QB]
Well, thank you! Big Grin

I just was always into retro stuff, here years later - nothing's changed! Though, I copped alot of crap for it from other kids.

But Marc Bolan, ELO and Elton John are cool, so you were into some good stuff too - we all improve with age! Wink

And to Toet...
That's just the way TOTP2 is, it's a real mixed-up bag of clips! And the announcer Steve Wright just loves to make stupid jokes over performances, it's just the nature of the beast!

Over and out
Ayisha! Razzer
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