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Reply to "Top 4 Neil Finn Solo Songs"

Wow ... this is nearly impossible but here goes in no particular order ... and I can't keep it to four songs ... sorry but I couldn't narrow it past the top ten.  Songs are posted below ...

1. Lullaby Requiem (may be my favorite Neil Finn song period)

2. Guiding Star (affects me deeply every time I hear it)

3. Blue Hotel (obscure song but brilliant ... oh so brilliant)

4. Chameleon Days (the second half of the song is where it gets me)

5. Widow's Peak (goosebumps)

6. Love Is All That Remains (rips out my heart)

7. Try Whistling This (I love the piano version of this)

8. Addicted (the piano version is incredible)

9. Flying In The Face of Love (one of my favorite Neil Finn lyrics)

10. Ray of Hope (this song means so much to me)



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