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Reply to "Tim the Temp"

Originally posted by adidasman:
I mjst say, this anti-Nick fervor shocks me from this group. So what if Nick wasn't familiar with Tim's solo work? Just because Tim is Neil's brother, and Nick was in a band with Neil, does that make Nick obligated to know the Tim Finn discography? That's ridiculous. And, regardless of Nick's "average" bass playing, or his lack of songwriting skills, or his failure to make an attempt at a solo career, Neil seems to want to play with him. Isn't that enough? If you had a journalist asking you questions every third day, you'd probably come up with some pretty contradictory stuff, too, depending on your mood - and I bet you could find interviews where Neil says he's written two good songs, and the rest are garbage. Do you think he feels that way every day? Of course not. Lastly, Tim in CH was a huge, huge mistake; I've always though Neil did it because he felt guilty for being more successful than Tim. Yes, Tim co-wrote some great songs on "Woodface", but that didn't require him to go out on tour with them. (And, lest anyone misunderstand how things work, Nick Seymour got no royalties from the sales of "Weather With You" or "Four Seasons..", so you can axe that bit about Nick enjoying the fruits of Tim's labors.) Tim solo is fine; Tim with Neil is spotty at best, and I mean that all the way back to Split Enz. Neil and Nick...whatever you think of Nick, and however indefinable Nick's contribution may be, there's something about that combination that works. Always has, always will.

spot on mate - neil obviously thinks nicks a good musician - and for the record,i do too.

hey jeremy loder - you don't like nick much do you ! Confused Eeker Red Face and your'e supposed to be a crowded house fan ,and yet you would rather have bones hilman uncle tom cobley and all playing bass instead of nick.well i've got news for you buddy - nick has played bass on every crowdies album,so that makes him an integral part of ch.

i'm also a beatles fan and i hate it when people say crap like john was great paul was
rubbish and ringo contributed nothing.great bands are great because of the contributions of all their members - and crowded house are a GREAT band - get my point? Wink

jeez,ive waited ten years for this band to come back, and someone comes on slagging nick.ok , so he made a few negative comments about tim's stuff and the crowdies output once upon a long much as i love neil - i reckon nick had good reason to feel any bitterness that he may have felt at the time.have you never bitched about someone that you both love and respect before because you felt hard done must be a better man than me,because i know i have.give nick a break Roll Eyes

hey the crowdies are back - neil,NICK,mark (and matt) - feel happy. Big Grin
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