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Reply to "Tim the Temp"

Originally posted by lavar78:
[qb]I think you're being too hard on Nick. In the history of CH, Nick is the only member (besides Mark) who didn't give up on the group. Tim and Paul both left mid-tour. Neil dissolved the band. Nick's been there the whole time, he earned his right to have an opinion, and, IMO, he's a more integral part of CH than Tim or Mark ever were. [/qb]
Of course Nick stayed in CH for as long as he could. To put it bluntly, Neil was his meal ticket.

Look at what everyone else has done since the crowdies broke up:

Tim's continued making great solo records and made that brilliant live album with Dave Dobbyn and Bic Runga. That tour was also the highest grossing tour in the history of NZ by both international and national acts.

Neil's established a highly acclaimed solo career, did that beautiful soundtrack to Rain and made a live album & DVD with members of The Smiths, Radiohead and Pearl Jam.

Mark Hart returned briefly to Supertramp and recorded his first solo album Nada Sonata.

Paul Hester recorded two EP's with Largest Living Things, had his own TV show "Hessies Shed" for two seasons and is putting the finishing touches as we speak to his first solo album.

And wheres Nick? The only thing I've heard was that he was laying down some bass tracks for an Andy White album. I wonder if Nick's forgotten about the ALT album?
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