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Reply to "Tim the Temp"

Originally posted by Guy:
[qb] I read in an interview with Nick Seymour that Tim was supposed to be a full member, like Mark Hart became some time later. Nick also said that he would have been more comfortable if Tim had been a one-off guest for the Woodface album (and tour).
At some point Neil and Tim were doing almost everything while recording Woodface, at some point replacing Paul Hester by a different drummer, Ricky Fataar.

I can't remember from which source this was, I think it was a interview from 1996... (mojo magazine?) [/qb]
Hi Guy.

I remember reading what sounds like the same article. I must admit that I've really gone off Nick as a person. In that article he said some pretty off things about Tim, like how he didn't even like most of Tim's solo music. How he didn't see why Tim had to join the band and couldn't just guest on the album.

Nick seemed to like Tim's music just fine when Weather With You and Woodface Became CH's first single and album to make it big in the UK. Talk about ungrateful and being a hypocrite.

Nick's also said lots about Neil and how CH broke up and he's obviously the most bitter about it.

Ricky didn't replace Paul on WWY. Ricky played drums on it before it became a CH song. Ricky also drummed on All I Ask and There Goes God.
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