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Reply to "Tim Finn Kitchen Sink: a chronological reference guide"

Hi all, my first post here.

I've been reading this subject with great interest. I love making rarities compilations for my favourite artists and recently decided to re-research Tim's rarities and update my compilation discs.

Your information has been of great help. Thank you. I guess we all approach these things a little differently, my criteria is usually just to have everything where the artists vocals are prominent, and thats how I've been collating my Tim Finn discs.

In doing so I have come across a recording I cannot see mentioned elsewhere. On you tube there is a good recording of Tim singing Quasimodo's Dream on a TV show from 1990.

And I have happened across a full soundtrack of La  Donna Della Luna also on you tube. The song Flavour of Forever appears twice - the first time a short section - later a longer section completely incorporating the first - but with more overlayed soundtrack noise. I've managed to create quite a nice 2.5 minute version of the song by splicing the first appearance into the second , cutting out a lot of dialogue and car noise. The song seems quite average at first, but I've played it so much to get a good version of it , it has now become a favourite, I find myself humming it all the time.

Of other interest to some might be Tim’s backing vocal appearances on two tracks on Phil Manzanera’s 801 LP Listen Now.

Could I ask if anyone has an idea where I might find any of these 2012 recordings?

Slippery Identieies
Going too Fast

Strong connection
Kicking a Football
Clarity Begins at home
Sometimes a glimpse
Flying Dream
Family Images
Into this Place
Rainstorm demo
White cloud Black shadow (reprise)

I do have a 3.55 recording of Tim doing a collection of White Cloud songs, they came from an online video , but they’re not complete and I don’t know the titles.

Cheers Ady

    All times London, UK.

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