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Reply to "Tim Finn Kitchen Sink: a chronological reference guide"

I've revised this slightly. 



They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me( demo, released on Other Enz)
Remote Control (Phil Manzanera)
Cuban Crisis(Phil Manzanera 
Hot Spot (Phil Manzanera -- vocals only)
Slow Motion TV (Phil Manzanera--vocals only)
Message Boy ( 1979 Split Enz B-side, later released on Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes)
Semi-Detached (1979 B-side, later released on Rear Enz and Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes)
Hyptnotised (Split Enz, 1980 B-side, later released on Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes
Next Exit (Split Enz), released 1981, later re-released on (the Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes)



Things (T.Finn-N. Finn) non-LP single, re-released on Rear Enz 1992 and True Colours, 2006 reissue
Horse to Water (released on Frenzy reissue, 2006)


The Instrumental (Phil Judd-Tim Finn), --A Ripper Bunch of Blokes, released again on Other Enz
In the Wars (Split Enz, B-side, released again on Rear Enz


Puberty Blues(Jenny MOrris)
Adolescent Age (Jenny Morris)


Firedrill (N. Finn, T. Finn, Eddie Rayner) rereleased on Rear Enz


Next Exit (Split Enz, single version, re-released on Rear Enz)
Remember When (Split Enz, B-side. Re-released on Rear Enz. Earlier version released on The Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes.)

Escapade album
Staring At the Embers (extended mix)
Below the Belt (B-side, released on international version of Escapade, released as a single)
Another Chance (B-side)
Fraction Too Much Friction (live) B-side
Below the Belt (live Bside)
Parasite (Split Enz B-side, re-released on Rear Enz)


Mr Catalyst (Split Enz demo, released on Rear Enz)
Big Heart (Split Enz demo, released on Rear Enz)


Home for My Heart (A-side, from the Coca Cola Kid, re-released on Other Enz)
Strange Night (B-side, from the Coca Cola Kid)
Coca-cola Jingle (from the Coca cola Kidd), released as hidden track on Rarities/demos/live performances 2008
Every Day of the Week (Renee Gayer)


Big Canoe album

Spiritual Hunger (the Soul Food mix) 12 inch single
So Deep (Deep Bass Mix (b-side)
So Deep (Tom Mix Dance Mix)
No Thunder No Fire NO Rain extended mix)
Carve You In Marble (Marble Mix) 12-inch single



Les Patterson Long Player

You Saved the World (Les Patterson Long Player, A-side single)
With You I'm Alive (, A-side single)
With You I'm Alive (Extended mix, 12 inch single)
Hacia Del Sol B-side (lacks movie chatter)
Beating on the SAme Drum (Jenny MOrris)


White Mischief (from White MIschief soundtrack)
The Flavour of Forever (from La Donna Del Luna soundtrack, unavailable)
The Night of the Moon (La Donna Della Luna soundtrack -- on YouTube)Cane Toad Blues: (fromCane Toads, An Unnatural History 1988)
Am I Big Enough (Jane Maddick)


 Cruel Black Crow (B-side, re-released on Rarities/demos/live performances in 2008)
Six Months in a Leaky Boat (Neil and Tim Finn, from KCRW broadcast, released as B-side
Not Even Close (Neil and Tim Finn from KCRW broadcast, released as B-side Murchison Street Demos (Finn Brothers, released on Angel's Heap and Suffer Never singles/Woodface deluxe



Parihaka (single version, A-side)
Parihaka (George Penare, B-side)
A Million Reasons Why(Phil Manzanera from Southern Cross, featuring Gary Dyson on vocals)
The Great Leveller (Phil Manzanera, from Southern Cross, featuring Gary Dyson on vocals)
Astrud (Manzanera, from Soutehrn Cross featuring Ana Maria Velazquez on vocals)
Rich and Poor(Phil Manzanera from Southern Cross)
 Dance (Break This Trance) Phil Manzanera from Southern Cross)
Verde (Phil Manzanera fro Southern Cross)
Dr. Fidel (Phil Manzanera from Southern Cross)
Venceremos(Phil Manzanera from Southern Cross, featuring Gary Dayson)
Fifth Wheel (Manzanera, from the Manzanera Collection
Long Hard Road (Tim Finn & Phil Judd)
Precious Time (Tim Finn & Phil Judd)
Tai Chi (Tim Finn & Phil Judd


Woodface album


Remember and Forget (I Like it Rare 3)
Making a Mockery demo (From I Like It Rare 2)
Islands -- MC Fli T with Tim Finn (charity single)
Six Months in a Leaky boat (live) -- B-side, Persuasion
Not Even Close (live) -- B-side Persuasion
Persuasion (live) B-side Persuasion


 Before and After album
Secret Heart (B-side)
No More Tears [Hit The Ground Running 1993]
Not Made Of Stone [Hit The Ground Running 1993]
You’ve Changed [Hit The Ground Running 1993]
Persuasion (acoustic version with Richard Thompson)
Walk You Home [Live -- Hit the Ground Running]
Charlie (live - with Phil Manzanera -- Hit the Ground Running
Hit the Ground Running (live) Hit the Ground Running
Six Months in a Leaky Boat (live) Other Enz

Live at the Borderline promo album


Runs In The Family (The NZ Cricket Centenary Song) [Runs In The Family 1994]
Runs in the family extended mix
Runs in the Family alternate mix
Lindalou [The Magnificent Nose & Other Stories 1994]
The Lullaby Of Lonely Lions [The Magnificent Nose & Other Stories 1994]
Ignatius Binz [The Magnificent Nose & Other Stories 1994]
Valentine Lookwell [The Magnificent Nose & Other Stories 1994]
Blue Hills --Darryl Braithwaite
Stand Back --Wendy Matthews
Happy -- Wendy Matthews

Altitude album
When the Winter Comes [alternate mix,)( from Japanese CD)
The Delegation of Rudeness, (from Japanese CD
The Future Is Broken (Something To Think About) from Japanese CD
Many's the Time (Long version) from Japanese CD

Finn album

Only Talking Sense --( live from 10" Only talking Sense single)
Paradise ( live from 10" Only talking Sense single))
Suffer Never ( live from 10" Only talking Sense single)
Poor Boy ( Only Talking Sense CD  single)
The Adventures of Mole (from Youtube)


Mary of the South Seas -- Finn Brothers, released on Other Enz
Comet [demo] (from I like It Rare)
Happy Christmas (War Is Over) from The Spirit of Christmas
Waterbirth (live) from Kiwi Charms 2000
If You Don't Know By Now (Andy White)
Jacqui(Andy White)
Because She Loves It(Andy White)
Whole Thing(Andy White)
Princess Tabu -- Vika and LInda
Don't Wanna Be a Nutcase --Vika and LInda
The Honeybee -- Vika and Linda
Mantra Mix (by Sacred Sound System, produced and co-written by Tim)





Steel City album
Steel City instrumental track
Raise (b-side)
Far Out EP: Say It Is So alternate mixes
I See Red with Regurgitator (late 90s)


Melon-Cauli Baby
The Perfect Sranger

Say It Is So album


I See Red Acoustic (date speculative)
Shark Attack (live, from Rarities, Demos and Live Performances)


Feeding the Gods album
 I see Red (with Regurgitator)
Something To Take My Mind Off Of You (Mark Hart)



White Cloud Black Shadow (Rarities)

Everyone Is Here album
The Land Torments the Sea (Finn Brothers B-side)
Way Back Down (Finn Brothers B-side
Sunset Swim (Finn Brothers B-side)
Everyday Alright (Finn Brothers B-side
Luckiest Man Alive (Viscounti version, Everyone Is Here DVD)
WEather with You (Live at Max's, B-side)
Won't Give In (Live at Max's, Everyone Is Here DVD)
Anything Can Happen (Live, Everyone Is Here DVD)
Edible Flowers (instrumental)



More Fool Me (demo) I like It Rare 4


Imaginary Kingdom album
Pulled It All Down (from rarities)
I Hope I Never (BJB Session)
Need to Be Right (BJB Session
Time For a Change (BJB Session)
Poor Boy (BJB Session)
Not Even Close (BJB Session)
Angel's Heap (BJB Session)
HOw Will You Go (BJB Session)
So Precious (Demo)
Resting Your Hand Lightly (demo)
Couldn't Be Done (demo)
The Lonely One (cover, from KCRW)



The Conversation album
False Hope (The Conversation iTunes bonus)
Salt to the Sea (live, from rarities)
I Shall Be Released  (from Rockwiz)


North, South, East West: anthology release
Light Years Away (from Anthology)
Nothing Unusual (from Anthology)
Every Good Boy demo (from MySpace)
It's Only Natural from Anthology (with Bic Runga)
Weather With You (with Neil and Liam Finn)
Stuff and Nonsense (with Missy Higgins)
MOckery (Anthology)
Riding the Wave (7 world's collide)
Liz Cook's Lament (live on Youtube)
Gutsy Girl (live on YouTube)
ITunes Live at Windsor album


Predicament (single, from Predicament soundtrack)
Never Know Your Luck, (Katie Noonan)
Gladness (Katie Noonan)



The View Is Worth The Climb album
A World Away (Frenz of the Enz bonus)
Questions and Answers (ITunes bonus)


Slippery Identieies 
Going too Fast
Strong connection (don't have, never heard)
Kicking a Football (don't have, never heard)
Clarity Begins at home
Sometimes a glimpse
Flying Dream
Family Images
Into this Place
Rainstorm demo
White cloud Black shadow (reprise)


Rising and Falling (My Pip Soundtrack)

The Fiery Maze (written mid-90s, released 2018)
Model Gowns (live performance, from YouTube)


Come Away, Come Away Death
Ladies IN Black film end credit song, sung by Elliott Finn

Walking (Forenzics)
Strange Stars (Forenzics)
Aurora Day (Vermillion Sands, soundcloud songs)
Gloria Tremayne  (Vermillion Sands, soundcloud songs)
Hope Cunard  (Vermillion Sands, soundcloud songs)
Jane Cylacylides  (Vermillion Sands, soundcloud songs)
Leonora Chanel  (Vermillion Sands, soundcloud songs)
Lorraine Drexel  (Vermillion Sands, soundcloud songs)
Raine Channing  (Vermillion Sands, soundcloud songs)

Unverified date, most before 2011, Myspace/Reverbnation

Who Owns the Song (
My Secret Heart (demo)
Every Good Boy
Every Good Boy demo
New Friends (demo)
Moment to Moment
Driving Blind demo (reverbnation)
Emptiness (demo)



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