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Reply to "The Things that my Boyfriends/Girlfriends taught me..."

I've learned a lot from relationships gone wrong...but I've learned more from the one that's finally right.

From my "wrong" relationships I learned:

--The definition of abuse and how to recognize the warning signs

--There are ways to fight fair, and ways that are unfair

--You can't rescue people who don't want to be saved, and it's too costly to try

--Being a "good partner" doesn't mean being a doormat

--It's prudent to hold back a bit, emotionally, and keep things in perspective when you're an emotional will only help you later on

--There is a difference between sex and love, and you need to recognize which is which

--Sexual expression is OK as long as both people consent and nobody gets hurt

From my current one, I've learned:

--A relationship will only work out if the power balance is equal, or at least the inequities have been addressed in ways that make both parties comfortable

--Starting as friends is the ONLY way to go

--You have to be in a relationship where you can say ANYTHING you have to say, HONESTLY...or the relationship won't work

--Compromise is necessary from both people at times...knowing WHEN is KEY

--You need to be able to laugh in bed. When you're getting frisky and a beagle starts licking your face, it's FUNNY!

--Both people need to have friends and outside interests to keep them feeling fulfilled, and help them maintain individuality

--You get out of your relationship only as much as you put into it yourself...sow love, reap thoughtful, reap thoughtfulness...etc.
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