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The Things that my Boyfriends/Girlfriends taught me...

I read an article recently that touched on what past relationships with other people have taught you. The lessons can be positive or negative or both.

Do you still think about past relationships even if you are in a stable relationship now? Do you look back on past partners and think that what you learned was good, or has the experience made you cynical about being with someone and committing?

My lessons learned are:

When it is over, try to maintain your dignity and let go graciously. Don't humiliate yourself by pleading for them to come back. They won't.

That when someone truly loves you, they will walk over hot coals to be with you.

That often the most simple gestures and words will make you feel the most loved.

Having babies with the person you love is the most amazing gift you can be given.

If you hold onto someone too tightly it can suffocate them.

Your individuality is precious, don't lose yourself totally in another person.
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