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Reply to "The new corporate image"

*Geeky Graphic Designer hat completely on*

To be honest I'm not sure that is Nick Seymour typography. I could be way off, but it looks to me to be someone TRYING to emulate Nick Seymour's sense of "of the wall", refined chaos in his compositions.

Nick's designs are usually very well thoughtout logotypes within themselves (especially Recurring Dream). This one is just hard to read -- the lineweight is pretty poor and its way unbalanced.

So perhaps it's just been cut and pasted out of context (the album cover) by a non-designer, but it doesn't look like something I'd expect on Nick's next album cover.

EDIT: Clearly the new banner has been made by a non designer. The photo is inappropriate and has been used badly, it's too dark and needs contrast and the gradient is bad bad bad. I want a new Nick album cover already!!

*Geeky Graphic Designer hat less fully on.*

EDIT 2: On the other hand, the type on ToLM is pretty much completely lost on its background. It's a nice design, but legibility is poor. I'm just thinking out loud now -- so I'll stop. Smiler
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