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Reply to "The most distinctive vocalists in Rock?"

Well, I went for a big power walk, let off some steam, got rained on, calmed down a bit and decided to listen to the wretched thing. It's pretty bad, though it could have been worse. It could have had a dance beat!

I may have enjoyed listening to "Locomotion" with my 1st boyfriend (I was 11!) But as I grew, so did my distaste for the gal. My partner hammered the final nail when he admitted to having a better time, seeing Kylie with his ex than SE with me. No hope for some people!

OK, back to the topic at hand, before I get my butt kicked: Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton got mentioned a few times. Stevies voice has become much deeper with age, but when you hear the song, "Silver Springs" (B-side to "Go Your Own Way") you could almost swear it was Dolly Parton.

Also Sammy Hagar (vocally speaking, the best frontman Van Halen ever had), Steve Perry and John Parr all sound/ed somewhat similar.

I don't know if Mika tries to sound like Freddie Mercury, or if he just does. I got talking to someone after Mika's Sydney show, who said that if Mika ran out of songs, he could sing any Queen song. I can't quite imagine him singing "Hammer To Fall", "Tear It Up" or "I Want It All", because he doesn't have Freddie's rip-roaring rock voice.

Some others who deserve a mention:

Angry Anderson

Agnetha Fältskog (just cut a new album after all these years!)

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