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Reply to "The most distinctive vocalists in Rock?"

Originally posted by Kim Goldman:
[QB]Voices that are distinctive, that I am learning to tolerate much more...
Eddie Vedder
Tim Finn (Please forgive me. I like him much better when he harmonizes, rather than singing lead vocal. Otherwise he's fine.) [QB]
I LOVED the 7 Worlds Collide version of Tim & Eddie singing. I thought that sounded like absolute GOLD. I think there is too much emphasis on Tim Finn's singing. He's a great singer and good as at Neil kicks his ass and is PURE GENIUS. OK his voice is grainey, but how much more Macy Gray - she's horrible but she's famous and respected. It's just a matter of getting used to it.

Other distinctive voices in rock?

Abby Dobson (ex Leonrado's Bride} OZ
Kevin Mitchell (Jebediah) OZ
Fran Healey (Travis) SCOT
Alex Lloyd OZ
    All times London, UK.

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