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Reply to "The most distinctive vocalists in Rock?"

Neil Finn
Tim Finn
Elvis Costello
Phil Collins
Peter Gabriel
Neil Young
Donald Fagen
Ann Wilson
Joni Mitchell
Brian Wilson
Bob Seger
James Taylor
Paul Rodgers
Jackson Browne
Neil Diamond
Janis Joplin
John Denver
(sorry, I keep adding to this list!)

Well, since other people have mentioned artist's that are not rock....
Willie Nelson - I adore him, so laid back mellow,
beautiful song interpreter
Kris Kristofferson - Very unique, great song
Waylon Jennings - Rest in peace...
Johnny Cash - Hello?
Hmmmm, just named the Highwayman too Smiler
Kenny Rogers - C'mon!!!
Conway Twitty - "Hello Darlin..'"
George Jones - "The Possum"
Sorry, my mom has been a huge influence on my musical taste, love Country & Western.
Other non-rock:
Ella Fitzgerald - my favorite singer of all time!
Sarah Vaughn - warm, rich "Sassy"
Mel Torme - "The Velvet Fog" many more I'm sure, I could go on. Ok, back under my rock now! Smiler
    All times London, UK.

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