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Reply to "The most distinctive vocalists in Rock?"

I think that these would be my choice of distintive voices:-

Neil Young

Nils Lofgren

Bob Dylan

Paul Rodgers (Free/Bad Company) In my opinion the classic rock voice often copied but not bettered)

Kate Bush

Otis Redding

Ray Davies ( Classic English Voice and a Tim fave!)
Funnily enough, Neil Young's voice often gets confused with that of the lead singer of the band America ('Horse With No Name', 'Ventura Highway' etc). Have a listen and see what you think. Also, Kate Bush and Tori Amos' vocal styles often get confused with each other, not sure if either of them fall into the totally 'distinct' category.

Thinking back, maybe I should have titled this topic 'Most uniquely recognisable voice'. Then again, everyone's voice is unique...but the discussions are fun.
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